Christmas Lyrics:

Thus Angels Sung - Lyrics

(The Angel's Song)

by Orlando Gibbons


Thus angels sung, and thus sing we:
'To God on all glorie bee!
Let him on Earth his peace bestow
And unto men his favours show

If angels sung at Jesus' birth
Then we have greater cause for mirth
For it was all for our poor sake
He did our human nature take

Dear Christ, thou didst thyself abase
Thus to decscend to human race
And leave thy Father's throne above:
Lord, what could move thee to such love?

Man, that was made out of the dust,
He found a paradise at first:
But see! the God of heaven and earth,
Laid in a manger at his birth.

Surely the manger where he lies
Doth figure forth his sacrifice;
And, by his birth, may all men see
A pattern of humility

Stupendous Babe, my God and King!
Thy praises will I ever sing,
In joyful accents raise my voice,
And in the praise of God rejoice.

My soul, learn by thy Saviour's birth
For to abase thyself on Earth,
That I may bee exalted high
To live with him eternally.